Working with me

If you would like to explore how we might work together, new clients receive the first 15 minutes of a session at no charge. We can work together  via Skype, the phone, or sitting together in person, where we look deeply into ourselves, illuminating and releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, and unconsciousness. Awareness is the first step to  then advances to acceptance.

Finding and releasing  what are the barriers that block the LOVE that is there.

You may be about to take a life-changing step or simply looking for some gentle guidance. I would be honored to assist you.

We meet in a private session to explore what's not working in your life, and to create space for movement towards liberation from limiting beliefs, conditioning, concepts, and judgment. Together we search for and reveal the great beauty waiting inside of you.

Once found, this beauty sheds a light on a path you can step toward, and eventually walk upon. It is remarkably freeing and waiting inside your heart. It is a natural human process that becomes more clear and less difficult when shared with another. When we come together, we create a sacred space where all of you is welcomed.