Living from your heart


Relying on your heart

To guide your way. You enter into  a whole world

of goodness within. This is the domain of your heart

which embraces life with a child's purity.

Manifesting your true nature in this world.

You are wholeness; perfect, powerful, and free. To realize that while acknowledging the limited humanness creates an opening that allows peace and happiness to lead you through life. You already possess everything it takes.. Dropping into awareness is the first step then acceptance, into the body and feeling what is here right now is the missing key.


We are all challenged in life. Yet in those challenges come our opportunities for growth and a chance to make choices from a place of higher awareness.

We are all perfectly poised to learn our lessons. The question is, how much can we   pay attention to get the lesson sooner than later?


Therapy is an inner journey towards self discovery

A exploration and illumination. I am passionate about helping clients to release negative beliefs, traumas, subconscious patterns and layers of conditioning

I produce and host a San Francisco Bay area weekly  TV show.  Art of Conscious Living TV, Meaningful profound conversations that really matter living  your life with Passion and Purpose with Conscious Awareness.